Monday, December 24, 2012

The Man Cave Phase II

Project #18: The Basement Phase II

Once Phase I of the basement was completed we took a little break before tackling Phase II which was the bar.  Matt decided to add a new skill to his resume and attempt to built the bar from scratch.  This meant custom building every cabinet, shelf and even the bar top out of solid oak.  From Phase I we had the walls and ceiling completed as well as the pony wall for the bar.

First Matt built the cabinets along the alcove, which was difficult based on the walls of course not being symmetrical or plumb and the angles not being exact.  He then tiled the floor in phases as cabinets were installed.  Once again we got a great deal on the tile flooring!  Thanks again Mike!  As previously mentioned everything is built out of solid oak, wood glue and no exposed nails or screws just as a professional would do.
Matt built the bar top out of solid oak and stained it.  He used a layer of plywood screwed to the top of the cabinets then glued the oak to the top of the plywood as you can see with the clamps in the pictures.  He also built a wine rack!
 The front of the bar and cabinets were all stained with a dark almost black stain while the top of the bar was stained with a lighter stain yet still dark to have some contrast. 

The ledge of the bar was actually from Matt's Uncle's old pizza place in Westport that Matt's Grandpa made many years ago. Matt stripped it, sanded it and stained it then cut it to fit.  Once the stain was set Matt then applied a thick epoxy layer to the top of the bar.  It was a two part mixture that was applied directly to the top of the bar and then leveled out into place quickly because it sets up in under 15 minutes.

Next Matt completed the plumbing for the sink, beverage refrigerator and kegerator.  He also did all of the electrical for this equipment.  He installed the sink, kegerator and beverage refrigerator then custom built the cabinets around them.  Then built shelves that light up from below for the liquor bottle display.  We also added pendant lighting.




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