Monday, December 3, 2012

Finished with the Bandages

Project #14: The Fence

Throughout the construction of all of the indoor projects we still had one large outdoor project that we were avoiding.  This was the fence.  Daily Matt would have to add steel angles, screws, straps etc. to different parts of the fence to attempt to hold it together until we had time to build a new one.  Every time the wind would blow it seemed another section of the fence would need repair.  In addition to this our neighbors while complimenting all of our hard work would all "subtly" ask when we thought we would get to the fence.  In addition to the bandages Matt also power washed and stained the fence in an attempt to spruce it up a bit to please the neighbors until we could get to actually replacing it.  This helped the appearance significantly however the structural issues still existed.

This is what it looked like after the power washing and staining.
The main reason for the delay in the fence project was based on the sheer magnitude of the project.  We had approxiamtely 550 linear feet of fence to replace.  We also hadn't determined if we could save any of the posts and the footings they were in or if we would have to replace all of the posts and footings.  If you have ever built a fence the footings and posts are the most time consuming portion of the project.  It requires digging holes that are a minimum 36" deep in the ground for frost, then filling them with concrete and setting a leveled post in them.  In addition to this we would have to remove the existing posts and footings.   
Luckily of the 55 posts we only had to replace 7 of them.  So the demolition began by removing everything except the posts and yet another dumpster was filled. That makes 4 dumpsters total at this point in the renovations. We then hung new stringers between the posts and then installed all the pickets.  Within one weekend we had a brand new fence!

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