Friday, October 19, 2012

Bye Bye Black & White Checker Tile

Project #7: Kitchen Fireplace

After a few large projects it was always nice to just squeeze in a little one here and there that could be completed in a few hours.  That was the case with the fireplace in the kitchen.  The art deco black and white checkered tile surrounded the fireplace and with all the upgrades to the kitchen it also needed to be updated. 
We decided to go with a black marble tile that matched the fireplace in the living room.  For some reason the fireplace was missing a mantel so Matt built one to finish off the look.




  1. Glad to hear from fans of this tile pattern!
    white marble tile

  2. Hahaha. It looked like a See's candy store before. Looks great now! I love the gray color paint you used on the walls. What is it called? Thanks!