Thursday, October 25, 2012

Painting, Painting & More Painting

Project #9: Painting of the Laundry Room, Hallways, & Bathroom

As previously mentioned the original owners of our house had a thing for the color purple.  We had repainted the dining room and kitchen to eliminate the purple but there were still more rooms that had other shades of purple in them.  The laundry room had plum purple walls while the hallway had lavender sponge painted purple walls, the main floor bathroom had a combination of different shades of purple sponge painted walls and the entry hallway had white with purple swirl wallpaperDon't worry this is still not the end of the purple madness, stay tuned for future posts.

Oh and I have failed to mention the gorgeous purple, pink and teal stained glass windows as shown above on the side windows of the front door and below at the stair landing.
I bet you can't guess what color the front door was? Purple of course!
The stained glass windows ended up being a pretty easy renovation.  They in fact were just single panes of leaded glass inserts behind the single pane windows.  So Matt simply pried them out and we cleaned up the windows.

The main floor bathroom, we kept the original tile flooring.


The laundry room, we kept the original cabinets which were much nicer than the kitchen ones and the tile flooring.

The entry hallway, we kept the marble flooring.
I even got crafty and painted a chalk board on the wall in the hallway using chalk board paint and then Matt framed it out with trim.

No more stained glass!

This is hard to see but we painted the front door black.


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