Friday, October 5, 2012

We bought a foreclosure! Let the projects begin!

Project #2 The Yard:
Once we finally closed on the house the first item needing attention was the grading and landscaping.  So the first of many dumpsters arrived in the driveway and the overhaul began.  Both my parents and Matt's parents volunteered to help, little did they know the extents of manual labor required.  We sure did appreciate and need the help though! 
We didn't know we had stone on the house because the bushes were so overgrown.
Driving into the cul-de-sec you could barely see the house because all of the trees were hiding it.

In the backyard the fence was concealed by piles of brush, ivy and overgrown vegetation.
Where did the back of the house and fence go?
After an overflowing dumpster and backbreaking manual labor we managed to uncover the house, the fence, the swing set and many buried trees, bushes, flowers etc.  We only called in the professionals to cut down 3 dead full sized 20 year-old trees and stump grinding.  We then planted bushes and got grass to grow again!

We found the stone veneer!

We found the fence!

There's the house!

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  1. Your house is so cute! I love it! Nice work you two.