Monday, October 8, 2012

Purple, Purple & More Purple

Project#3: The Dining Room

As the second week of home ownership came along our next project was the dining room. Although I am a proud K-State alum there is a point at which you have to draw the line at the amount of purple in one room.  I am not sure at what point this line should have been drawn in the decorating of the dining room but it could have been drawn at any one of these items; the carpet, the wall paper, the curtains or oh yes even the ceiling, floor and window trim.


It is amazing that Matt, the KU alum would even purchase a house with this much purple...oh that's right this is not the only purple room in the house, more to come in future project posts.


These pictures really illustrate the magnitude of the purple trim around the windows, the gorgeous gold light fixture, the purple crown molding around the ceiling and the purple floor and door trim.   


Once we removed the wall paper and ripped out the carpet we primed the walls and painted the trim. This revealed yet another item in the room that was painted purple...
That's right the ceiling!!!
So of course we painted the ceiling white as well as the trim and then painted the walls.

The lighting fixture was easily disassembled and painted brushed nickel with new shades.  The floor project will be detailed on a future post.


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